Where’s The Fair Use?

In case you missed it online, earlier this week Doug Walker did a special Nostalgia Critic video. YouTube’s antipiracy systems have a long chronicled history of being abused. But it’s been really boiling over as of late. Below, is the link to the commentary episode. It really goes in depth about the sorts of things that are happening to reviewers, comedy writers, and other critics, and creatives on YouTube. It’s important because even if you only watch videos, or you do something outside of YouTube that may employ fair use, who knows if it will end at internet video? Nobody is defending people who upload an entire film. But if a critic can’t be allowed to prove their point with a 5 second clip, or a citizen can’t show the world something funny their kid did because the radio was on, that’s not a good thing.

Nostalgia Critic’s Fair Use Commentary

1 thought on “Where’s The Fair Use?

  1. It’s sad that some good video makers have given up because Youtube is so weak at policing their site. Trolls can get your videos flagged and companies can take down content even if it is within fair use.

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