You may have noticed here lately that there have been some gaps in between articles. It isn’t because I’ve grown weary of writing at all. Rather, I’ve had some health issues as of late. So juggling my work schedule, finding games to play to talk about, and the constant trips to the doctor offices has cut into my time. This doesn’t mean I’m not writing anymore, I’ll still be doing reviews. But they may not always land weekly as I’ve generally done most of the time.

Unfortunately for me it turns out I have an issue with my gall bladder. Next month I’ll be seeing a surgeon about it, and more than likely it will have to come out. On top of this I potentially have a stomach ulcer, or other digestive issue that I have to look for abnormalities for. There could be a point in which they’ll have to go through further medical procedures to sort this out.

So in the interim, I’ll still be working on articles for the blog, but they probably aren’t going to hit my usual frequency until I’m cleared. I thank everyone for their patience, and support. I do have a few pickups in the pipeline that I hope to get to soon. I’ve also had a few streams on my twitch page lately, so you can also check those out when they occur.

Again, I thank everyone for their patience, and support while I try to get through this.

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