Classic Game Room lives on!

Mark Bussler’s CGR was ended not too long ago. But fear not! Classic Game Room has found new life in a third revision thanks to a lot of generous fans. With a successful Patreon under its belt, the show will live on. There have already been a couple of new reviews. You can check out the latest Q&A video, and episodes on YouTube.

For those who haven’t seen it, it’s a departure from most online shows. Mark goes over pros, and cons while giving a nice blend of humor, and knowledge in a calm demeanor. The show doesn’t go for a overtly cynical character. Nor does it go for a serious tone. It’s a show centered around showing off games, good or bad, and having fun doing it. There are also entertaining fan Q&A episodes, music recommendations, and of course beer.

Here’s hoping the resurrected CGR is successful, and back for years to come.


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