Reader Discussion: How Important is Backwards Compatibility to You?

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Most of us were surprised when Phil Spencer confirmed backwards compatibility for the Xbox One, and with over 3 million fan votes across numerous games, it’s safe to say it’s a pretty big big deal. I know we’re pumped about it, but what about you?

Why we’re excited:

Backwards compatibility on the Xbox One allows us, as streamers and reviewers, to capture screenshots, game footage, and live stream using the built-in Twitch app. Not only does this drastically increase the amount of games available for us to stream, but allows us to create more video content without the use of third party hardware/software.

We’re hoping that backwards compatibility deters developers from falling back on remakes/remasters and allows them to focus on creating sequels to our favorite series, or new IP altogether. It seems easier for them to just give Microsoft the okay and have their game readily available to the millions of Xbox…

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1 thought on “Reader Discussion: How Important is Backwards Compatibility to You?

  1. I’m not too fussed. I barely can keep up with new releases let alone replay older titles. If I wanted to play a last gen game I have the console anyways.

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