I now have a Twitch channel

Just to give everyone a nice heads up, I now have a Twitch channel. I know. I know. Late to the party. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you won’t see written reviews anymore. It isn’t the end of my love of writing. But broadcasting my own gameplay seemed interesting, and so I finally took the belated plunge. What kinds of titles will you see me play? Well for now they’ll predominantly be PC games. The reason being, I do not presently have a capture card for my PC. As such I don’t have the ability to get my console games streamed. Eventually, I’d like to but at least for the time being the games will be on my PC. I started out with Chivalry, and I’ll probably play that one a bit more in the future. But I’ll have other games going too. Some will be games I’ve reviewed for the blog, others will just be games I may be playing with friends. Many of them will probably be games that are fun, and under the radar. I enjoy introducing people to new stuff. Everyone knows about the latest blockbuster, but not everyone knows about some of the other great stuff out there.

In terms of content this week, I’ll be reposting some more of my old reviews I’ve done for defunct or lapsed sites so that they’re available for visitors to see. The day may come where those other sites go down completely, and should that happen they’ll be lost. I hope you’ll check them out once they’re reposted. I’ll be playing some stuff I’ve picked up recently too, so if I do get through any of those titles I’ll try to get a review in there for any of those too.

As always, I thank, and appreciate everyone who reads my material. I also thank, and appreciate everyone who watched my opening stream last night, or will watch future broadcasts.  If you want to see me win or fail miserably you can do so at http://www.twitch.tv/thedeviot

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