Rest In Peace Justin Carmical 1971-2014

I just found out  that Justin Carmical, better known as his JewWario persona has passed away. I never knew the man personally.  But by all accounts he was a very generous, honest, loving human being to everyone he knew. As a fan who watched his show I think that fact really shone through in every episode. This was someone who appreciated everyone for watching his material. This was someone who really loved working, and communicating with others, and sharing with others.

His site, and show stuck out because of it. Spreading things about the hobby he loved with the world in a way other people didn’t. He actually made you feel welcome in his work. You felt included in the experience, which is something rare with a lot of people who do a show on the internet or anywhere for that matter. He also was part of the first real wave of internet personalities to rise up over the last decade. His show You Can Play This was very informative, bringing the ability to import games within reach of those who may have thought it too complicated. Other shows  did crossovers with him or did interviews at conventions with him.  All of which were very entertaining.

I hope, and pray that everyone who did have the honor of knowing him will find peace. The world lost a really great person today. I hope everyone will appreciate those in their own lives more.


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