We did it! Microsoft kiboshes XB1 DRM

If this announcement of a 180 doesn’t prove that customers still have voices nothing will. Apparently Microsoft has decided to listen to those voices, and has determined that not complying with their wants in a product would lead to their competition at Sony, Nintendo, and various PC storefronts taking the lions’ share of the 360’s fan base away.

Kudos to the company for listening, but one can only hope future generations of the tech giant’s gaming division will remember this fiasco, and swear to never repeat it.

With all of that out of the way, maybe the preference wars can end for awhile so that everyone can get back to being excited about some of the new titles on the horizon, and playing what we have already.  After all, the games are supposed to be the main reason we partake in our hobby.

I also thank anyone who reads my little crumb on the internet for being patient in between updates. I have a lot going on personally. But I am trying to keep content coming wherever possible. I’ll likely reprint some of my review articles, from my defunct pages, as well as keep the opinions coming.

1 thought on “We did it! Microsoft kiboshes XB1 DRM

  1. It’s good that they eventually listened. Even now the harm done by the DRM idea has cost them in sales.

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